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Welcome to News Foo Camp 2011

December 2-4, 2011 at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus, 555 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

News Foo is a gathering of 150 key practitioners and thinkers from the worlds of journalism, technology, and public policy who are re-imagining the future of the news. It's an "unconference" where we'll share projects and ideas, and tackle challenging problems together.

Be Prepared to Demo or Speak

News Foo will be as good as participants make it. Be prepared to lead or participate in a session, ask interesting questions, show off what you're working on, and generally leave your mark on the weekend. It's a little like Burning Man in that there are no spectators, only participants (much less dust, however). People sometimes ask, "What can I do to be invited back?" and your best bet is to make a (positive) impression by engaging and presenting.

We'll put most of the program together on Friday evening at about 7:30 pm. That's your first chance to sign up to lead a session. We'll save some slots on Saturday afternoon and Sunday for those who arrive late or get inspired as the weekend transpires. We'll have a variety of spaces for sessions–-small-to-large conference rooms, open areas, and meeting-room-sized tents outdoors.

News Foo Campers

Schedule, Sessions, Activities

Making the Most of News Foo

Travel and Accomodations

Timing: Checkin 4pm on Friday Dec 2, w/dinner at 6:30 or so. We'll be done by 3pm on Sunday Dec 4.

Using the wiki

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